WIFOM (Wine In Front Of Me) is a term used to describe the basic premise for circular decision making in -Mafia-.

The term is derived from a scene from The Princess Bride wherein one character, Vizzini, is utilizing circular logic to try and discern which glass of wine has been poisoned by a masked man in a battle of wits.

Applying the circular logic to -Mafia- promotes more exciting and riskier play styles that tend to lead to landslide victories.

Applicable Situations

WIFOM applies to essentially anything that requires decision making in -Mafia-; it is the backbone of deceit in the game. Various examples include:

  • Doctor – Deciding who to heal at night
  • A confirmed Sheriff is known to everyone in the game and requests to be healed at night. Surely, the Mafia knowing this would waste an attack attempting to kill a player under the protection of a Doctor, hence the logical conclusion for the Mafia is attack anyone but the Sheriff. Similarly therefore the most logical player for the Doctor to protect is also anyone but the Sheriff. However, WIFOM comes into play when the Mafia realize this and instead opt to attack the Sheriff; however the Doctor could anticipate this and still protect the Sheriff and so on, the circular logic continues.
  • Mafia – Deciding who to kill
  • A known Town member is accusing a fellow Mafia member. By killing this player at night the Mafia can expect to draw attention to that member even more as it appears as though that player is trying to save themselves from the accusations of that specific player. However, from the Town's perspective it could look like the Mafia has killed the player to make it look like the accused player was guilty, thus absolving them. Furthermore the Town could further predict that in which case the accused player would be guilty and so the circular logic continues.
  • A certain player has been acting continually not unlike a Jester. This player could in fact be a Jester, in which case killing them could be very beneficial towards the Town so as to not waste a lynch or be misdirected. However, it is not uncommon for Town Roles to act as Jesters in order to try and avoid being killed by the Mafia, in which case killing them would be disastrous for the Town. Furthermore, it could also be a scum attempting to act like a Jester to keep attention away from themselves in which case it would once again be beneficial to kill them and thus the circular logic continues.


  • WIFOM can greatly benefit any strategy involved in the game and through proper applications of these mind games can lead to landslide victories for players that use it well.
  • WIFOM greatly increases the pacing of the game, usually leading to more successful kills and heals.
  • WIFOM provides more ways to catch the Mafia out in a lie yet also provides them with more outs.


  • WIFOM usually involves incredibly risky play, such as leaving a Town Role out in the open, which can lead to landslide defeats.
  • WIFOM can be overused to the point where it becomes a guessing game, not unlike the term's namesake. This can be rather detrimental to the overall gameplay.