Town Government is a random role filler that may choose between these potentially game-changing roles:

Citizen : A role with a single bulletproof vest (depending on the settings) or no night ability. Will break one-on-one ties with the Town winning with the Mafia/Triad depending on the settings.

Marshall : A role that publicly reveals themselves. On the day of reveal you may lynch multiple people with no trials. Number of lynches depends on the settings.

Mason : A role which may talk to other Masons and the Mason Leader at night. Is immune to Cult conversion and may become the Mason Leader if the current one dies depending on the settings.

Mason Leader : A role which may talk to other Masons at night. Can recruit Citizens to Masons. If the Mason Leader recruits a Cultist, he will be bludgeoned. Immune to Cult conversion.

Mayor : A role that publicly reveals itself during the day. Every day after revealing itself it will gain a number of votes determined by the settings.

Crier : A role that talks to the entire town anonymously at night. Can disrupt the Judge.

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