Affiliation Town
Summary You are a Stump.
Goal Lynch every criminal and evildoer
Has Night Ability? No
Abilities None
Categories None
Investigation Results
Sheriff Not Suspicious
Investigator No Crime.


The Stump is an inert role unable to vote or perform night actions. The only way to become a Stump is to be changed into one by an administrator, be on the Stump-list, or audit oneself as an Auditor.


  • Don't become a Stump.
  • As an Auditor, you can ask a bus driver to switch your next target with yourself if you see the town about to win the game, so you side with town and win with them.


  • The Stump has no options.


  • A Stump can be recruited by a Cultist.
  • The Stump is a Town role and as such wins with the Town, regardless of previous faction.
  • There is no achievement for winning as a Stump, unlike other roles.


  • The Stump was a part of the 2013 April Fools Edition of -Mafia-. All people that are Watch-listed and above were instead Stump-Listed for the duration of the day. They were forced to be a Stump in every single game they joined.
  • It now has a semi-official status as a role - with the addition of the Auditor, the Stump can be a natural part of the game.
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