Role Calling relies on the idea that good honest townspeople have nothing to hide, while the evil roles have everything to hide. Thus, townspeople will tell the truth to people they trust, while evil will tell lies to their enemies.

Secondly, this strategy also relies on the town, collectively or from a single town leader, to be able to cross dead and proven roles off the list to determine which role claim by an evil role is impossible. An easy way to do this is to write out all the roles in a list, while expanding on each category, and cross out roles as they die.

  • Always cross out the most specific role.
  • Example, when the Sheriff dies, cross out the confirmed sheriff, not the town investigative.
  • When a role dies that is in multiple random spots, consolidate the randoms. This helps if you expanded the category roles.
  • When the role call is initiated, the Town, or Town Leader, should lynch anyone that claims a role that isn't possible against the role list. Also, if enough people follow the role claim call, those that do not are probably trying to stay away from the spotlight lynch of the town. Be wary of Jesters who may claim an impossible role, or not claim at all.

Applicable Situations

  • The best way for this to work is to have a 100% confirmed role call it when he or she is confident on eliminating the right roles.
  • Mayor is one of the best candidates for this as he can reveal to the entire town that he is the Mayor.
  • Masons with their partner dying and a last will saying who their partner is, is another way to 100% clear someone, at least for the night.
  • Veterans and Vigilantes works if no one counterclaims it and someone dies to their respective deaths.
  • Veterans also have extra survivability.
  • The second best way for the Role Call to work is when a lot of the randoms roles have been eliminated, and the town has a majority. Then everyone calls a roll, and the lynch rules apply as above.


  • When the town fully commits to this strategy, it is by far, the easiest way to out the evil roles.
  • When a leader outs one of the evil roles, it even further cements the leader's role as one of the town.


  • A Jester who is familiar with the tactic could false claim to get himself an easy lynch.
  • A Disguiser or Janitor who knows his person's role could be undetectable for most of the entire game.
  • When applied to the group, the evil killers will know exactly who to kill, in what order.
  • A Cultist Mayor could instead lead the town to a victory.
  • Those that are too eager to follow the role call make them prime targets for evil killing roles, as they also know that they have less suspicion on them, and are less likely to be lynched.
  • This stems from the premise that it is a good idea to kill the confirmed town roles, as opposed to random killing.


  • This is not recommended to try at the start of a game, especially if the role caller gets swamped with roles.
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