Types of Punishment

Watch List

Watch List is a list on the website. For various reasons, people on the watch-list are no longer added to a list in-game, to save time and effort and focus on the real punishments: kick-vote and ban lists.Alerts all other players to be aware of the Watch Listed players upon setup start.

Click Here to visit the Forum for Watch-list Reports

Punishment Reason:

  • Low or Medium Severity: Multiple reports
  • High Severity: A confirmed report
  • Very High Severity: A credible report

Ban List

Automatically removes any Ban Listed players from the game upon setup start.

Punishment Reason:

  • High Severity: Multiple confirmed reports and a criminal history.
  • Very High Severity: By Administrator decision.

Point Ban

This disables all point gain, resets points to 0, and disables all point privileges.

Punishment Reason:

Stump List

Once game start and everyone is given roles, all Stump Listed players are turned into Stumps.

Punishment Reason:

  • Repeated Rolequitting

Length of Punishments

Dropping from Ban List to Kick-Vote List or from Kick-Vote List to Watch List will result in a sentence equal to double the time spent in the previous punishment level (i.e. someone sentenced to 2 weeks in the Kick-Vote List will then have 4 weeks in the Watch List after the first term is up.)

  • Watch List: Variable to Permanent
  • Kick-Vote List: Variable to Permanent
  • Ban List: Variable to Permanent
  • Point Ban: Permanent
  • Stump List: Variable to Permanent

Punished Players and Appeals

The punished players and appeals forum contains threads for approved Point Ban, Kick-Vote list and Ban-List reports.

This forum gives players the opportunity to appeal their sentence.

Click here to visit the Punished Players and Appeals Forum

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