Applicable Situations

The private messaging (PM) system is a great way to interact with certain players and detaining the suspicions of others. Most proven Town players, such as a Mayor or Marshall, will usually ask everybody to PM them their role upon their revealing to the Town. This allows the proven Town player to collect information on everyone's role claim, process that information, and lead an effort to lynch anyone whose role claim seems false or at the very least, unlikely.

One of the most common uses of private messages is the Town Role Call strategy. See: Role Call.


  • You may interact with other trustworthy players without interference from other players, and you have a less chance of arousing unneeded suspicion among other players.


  • Although the contents of your private messages themselves are not disclosed to the other players, the fact that you have sent a private message to another player IS disclosed to the other players. Specifically, a message will appear in the chat log any time a player sends a private message to another, notifying all other players that a private message was sent by Player X to Player Y.
  • Therefore, if two players continuously speak to each other using private messages, others may become suspicious that the two players in question are working together. This can lead to allegations that the two players in question are scum and are trying to coordinate their activities during the day, especially to the extent that the two players do not necessarily have a reason to be coordinating (i.e. neither has revealed to the Town or performed a pro-Town action to that point in the game).
    • An exception to this is when a Mayor or Marshall reveals himself to be Town. Players who are continuously sending private messages are usually presumed to be providing information about their night actions / results to the Mayor or Marshall.


  • If somebody PMs you, you may use the -r command to reply to them.