A neutral evil role can be an Auditor, Witch, Judge, Cultist, Witch Doctor, or a Neutral Killing role. Neutral Evil is a Random role roulette that can be any of previously said roles. Neutral Evil roles always win when the town is defeated. (With the exception of the Cultist and Witch Doctor; they win when all other factions are converted or dead, including Mafia and Triad, and Neutral Killing roles, but not other Neutral Evil roles.) Most Neutral Evil roles rely on the Mafia help them win, and most of them have ways to root out each other and find out who they are; example Judge can talk to the Mafia at night to decide who to target or give hints to who he is without exposing him completely; for example targeting even or odd numbers in the player list.

All Neutral Evil roles win with the Cult.

Neutral Evil roles are (excluding the Cult) not allied with anyone, and therefore do not have to have other factions to help them win, but it becomes increasingly hard without them to stay alive and keep from being suspicious to the town.

All Neutral Evil roles can have their own solo wins. This can happen when all the other factions are dead or one Town and the neutral evil role is still alive.

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