By hosting a game, a player gets to select all of the settings and roles for the game allowing them to set up the game how they want it to be set up.

How to Host

Most players find it quite rude for someone to create their setup while a full public lobby is waiting to play the game. If you do so, you will almost certainly receive a good deal of backlash and likely be repicked. Instead, the advisable way to host a game is to, rather than joining through the Join a Game screen and being the host, choose Save Slot from the dropdown-box before clicking Join a Game, this will allow for free time to customize your setup. Once the setup has been created, you are free to either invite others to join your game (The -Mafia- channel on is a good place to find players for this) or wait to be repicked by the host of a public Mafia game.

The system will allow you to emulate games by rolling all of the random possibilities, as per the roles or role categories you have selected. This can be invaluable, as you can tweak the emergent probabilities for each role, allowing for quite a lot of variety and detail between saves. Follow the instructions on the screen when you're in the setup screen for the command.


Variants are a unique aspect that this rendition of Mafia has that makes it better. Some variants simply have preset setups whilst other variants completely change the way the game is played.

  • Classic - A faithful rendition of the original party game consisting of only Mafioso, Consorts, Citizens, Doctors and Sheriffs. Also has no Last Wills, PMs or Trials.
    • In the current meta, this option is generally unpopular with most players who prefer to have every / most Town role have a night ability. Because of this unpopularity, to the extent Classic is played, it would usually be with an in-house / preselected group who has agreed to these rules in advance.
  • Clue - A variant that completely redefines the constructs of the game. In Clue variant players cannot use Last Wills and roles are not revealed upon death. The host may choose the roles in this variant.
    • In the current meta, this option is generally unpopular with most players given the reliance on Coroners to provide important information to the Town and the lack of Last Wills and role reveals.
  • Custom - A completely custom variant with all options available for edit and all roles available to be added into the game.
    • This option allows the host to constructive a custom setup and is generally very popular.
    • However, as an understatement, players at the game setup screen tend to be very impatient on the whole.
    • Accordingly, it is considered far preferable to design your setup in a separate game along without any other players, and then save it to the Save Slot (see below). This will allow you to load your save and start the game quickly so that the other players do not grow impatient with you and attempt to repick you for delaying them from playing the game.
  • Save Slot - The same as Custom variant except the host can type -save once they have set the game up. The next time the host creates a game and selects Save Slot Variant the options will be retained.
    • This is generally the most picked option by players who have a predesigned save ready to be played.
    • In the current meta, almost all games played today arise from player's custom Save Slot setups.


Day Type

  • Majority - When voting to lynch, a player must receive at least 51% of votes. As soon as this quota is reached the player will be executed.
    • In the current meta, this voting option is very rarely selected by hosts because the accused player is not given a second chance to defend himself on trial. Accordingly, it is bit more scum favored than the other options.
    • This is the default voting system, however, in Forum Mafia, given the slower, more deliberately pace of FM as opposed to the SC2 game.
  • Majority + Trial - The same as Majority, except players are given a chance to defend themselves after being voted. Players then vote for a second time on whether or not the player is innocent or guilty
    • In the current meta, this voting option is selected by almost all hosts -- it is by far the "default" system for Mafia and most players have come to expect games to be played with this voting system.
    • Compared to the other options, Majority + Trial is more Town-favored since the accused has an opportunity to defend himself after having been voted up to trial.
  • Ballot - Votes to lynch are completed via a secret ballot during the day. Players cannot see who players are voting for until the votes have been tallied. The player who receives the most votes will be executed.
    • In the current meta, this voting option is the LEAST often selected of the four since it is the most scum favored. This is because of the secret nature of voting and the fact that the player with the most votes is executed at the end of the day.
    • If you select this option without prefacing it to the players in your lobby, they will likely be upset with you.
  • Ballot + Trial - The same as Ballot, expect players are given a chance to defend themselves after being voted. Players then vote for a second time on whether or not the player is innocent or guilty.
    • In the current meta, this voting option is infrequently selected by hosts, but of the four choices, is probably the second most seen in games. The Town is disadvantaged by the fact that there is a secret ballot (thus, scum can vote up people without discussion of who to vote). However, at the very least the accused has an opportunity to defend himself while on trial before being lynched.

Night Type

  • Classic Night - After the allotted time for night actions to be selected has elapsed the following day will begin and players who have died will be revealed.
    • In the current meta, it is very rare for a host to not enable at least the Death Descriptions option below, because the Classic Night does not provide the Town with any information about how players died.
  • Death Descriptions - The same as Classic Night except the way players have died will be revealed. Players will be notified on whether the player: "Was shot at close range", "Stabbed Repeatedly", "Shot by a high caliber gun", "Incinerated", "Killed him/herself over the grief of lynching the Jester" or "Killed him/herself" indicating a Mafioso, Serial Killer, Vigilante, Arsonist, Jester or quitting the game respectively. (See: Mechanics: Day-Break Kill Messages)
    • In the current meta, this is the second most often picked option because it provides players with information about how deaths occurred, which can be valuable clues in terms of determining what roles might be in the game.
    • Some players pick this option over Night Sequence because of the additional time required to play night action sounds.
  • Night Sequence - A combination of Classic Night and Death Descriptions that also includes the sounds coming from the time at night, indicating the horror the townsfolk are enduring.
    • In the current meta, this is the most frequently picked option by hosts, because Night Sequence provides more information than Death Descriptions in terms of the sounds that are played at night.
    • For example, Night Sequence would play a Mass Murderer's sound even if the Mass Murderer was not able to kill anyone. This would alert the Town of the presence of a Mass Murderer whereas they would not have this information under just the Death Descriptions option above.

Trial Settings

If a trial has been included in the day type then the following options will also become available:

  • Trial Pauses Day - Enabling this will cause trials to pause the day timer, causing the time a trial takes to not be deducted from the total amount of daytime the town has available. If a player is deemed innocent and there is still time left on the timer then players can vote to lynch another player
  • Trial Defense - Gives the accused player time to defend themselves without interruption from other players
  • Trial Time - Determines how long players are on trial for. Ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Time is split 50/50 between defense and voting when defense is enabled.

Miscellaneous Settings

  • Day Length - Determines how long the day cycle lasts. Ranges from 1 minute to 6 minutes
  • Night Length - Determines how long the night cycle lasts. Ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Start game at: Day/Night/Day(No-Lynch) - Determines what cycle the game starts on, selecting Day(No-Lynch) will cause the game to start on a day cycle, but players will be unable to vote to lynch players
  • Last will allowed - Enables or Disables the use of Last Wills.
    • In the current meta, virtually all hosts allow for the use of Last Wills given the strategic importance for the Town to be able to pass on information upon the death of a player.
  • PM allowed - Enables or Disables the use of PMs.
    • In the current meta, virtually all hosts allow for the use of PMs given the strategic importance of being able to PM one's role to a confirmed Town Member, such as a Mayor or Marshall upon that role revealing.
  • Discussion - Enables or Disables an allotted amount of time during the day wherein the voting to lynch is disabled to promote more discussion
  • Discussion Time - Determines how long discussion will last. Ranges from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
  • Choose Names - Enables or Disables the ability for players to select their own custom names when the game starts. Disabling this option will provide every player with a random name.
    • In the current meta, virtually allow hosts allow players to choose their own names. One exception to this would be in a more serious / tournament-style game where the organizer does not want players to be able to guess the identity of others and target those players.
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