Neutral Roles in Mafia are neither aligned with the Town or Mafia / Triad, but have their own unique win conditions. There are three different categories of Neutral Roles:

  1. Neutral Benign. Neutral Benign roles are distinguished by the fact that their win conditions do not depend on a Town victory or defeat, unlike the Neutral Evil and Neutral Killing roles, which require that the Town lose the game as part of their win conditions. Instead of being dependent on the outcome of the struggle between the Town, Mafia / Triad, and Neutral Killing role, each Neutral Benign has its own unique goal.
    • There are four Neutral Benign roles in Mafia -- Amnesiac, Executioner, Jester, and Survivor.
      • The Amnesiac may assume the role of any player in the graveyard and will thereafter, continue playing the game in order to satisfy their new role's goal. Depending on the Amnesiac's choice, this may result in an additional Town member, additional Mafia / Triad member, or additional Neutral.
      • The Executioner's goal is to ensure that a randomly predetermined target is lynched by the Town (as opposed to killed at night). Depending on the host's game settings, this target might always have to be Town or could be any player in the game, regardless of alignment.
      • The Jester's goal is to be lynched by the Town (as opposed to killed at night). He may also visit players at night to "annoy" them, which confirms to such player that a Jester visited them.
      • The Survivor's goal is to survive until the end of the name (not be lynched or killed at night). He receives a certain number of bulletproof vests (typically four) to help protect him at night.
  2. Neutral Evil. Neutral Evil roles all share a goal of needing to see the Town lose the game in order to win themselves.
    • Hosts also have an option of including the Neutral Killing roles (listed below) in the Neutral Evil category. Most, however, choose not to do so because this creates potential game balance issues with two Neutral Killing roles appearing in a game and upping the number of kills per night to an excessively high number.
    • With the exception of the Cultist and Witch Doctor, Neutral Evil roles are generally capable of winning together with any other Mafia / Triad, Neutral Evil, or Neutral Killing role in the game.
    • In contrast, the Cult and Witch Doctor CANNOT win with any Mafia / Triad or Neutral Killing role, but CAN win with any other Neutral Benign or Neutral Evil role in the game.
    • There are six non-killing Neutral Evil roles in the game -- Auditor, Cultist, Judge, Scumbag, Witch, Witch Doctor.
      • The Auditor is capable of converting Town members to Citizens, members of the Mafia / Triad to Mafiosos / Enforcers, and non-night-immune Neutrals to Scumbags.
      • The Cultist is capable of recruiting members of the Town to a separate faction, the Cult, which seeks to take control of the Town from the Town, Mafia / Triad, and any Neutral Killing roles.
      • The Judge is capable of speaking to the Town at night and "calling court" -- a special daytime game mode where all chat other than the Judge's is anonymous and the Judge has an increased number of votes to lynch his desired target.
      • The Scumbag is a role without abilities and cannot exist at the beginning of a Mafia game. Instead, it is created when an Auditor audits a non-night-immune Neutral Role. Of note, the Scumbag, like all other Neutral Evil roles, has a goal of seeing the Town lose the game.
      • The Witch is capable of mind controlling a given player per night and forcing that player to use his night action on another player of the Witch's choice.
      • The Witch Doctor is a special member of the Cult who is capable of healing players at night, but any player successfully healed will be converted to a member of the Cult.
  3. Neutral Killing. Neutral Killing roles are technically a subset of Neutral Evil roles, but most players decide the two up, in terms of game settings for the reason stated above (to ensure that two Neutral Killing roles do not appear in their games). Per the category name, Neutral Killing roles focus on killing players at night.
    • Neutral Killing roles cannot win with the Town or Mafia / Triad, but CAN win with any combination of Neutral Benign or Neutral Evil roles (with the exception of the Cultist and Witch Doctor).
    • Of note, Neutral Killing roles cannot with with DIFFERENT Neutral Killing roles, but multiple of the same Neutral Killing role can win together. For example, a Serial Killer an an Arsonist cannot win together but two Serial Killers can win together, as can two Arsonists.
    • Each of these roles by default has night immunity and therefore, cannot be killed at night outside of an exception (such as a Jailor's execution or Veteran's alert).
    • There are three Neutral Killing roles in the game -- Arsonist, Mass Murderer, and Serial Killer:
      • The Arsonist is capable of dousing players in gasoline at night and then later igniting all players who have been doused in gasoline. This can result in a large number of players dying in a single night when the Arsonist decides to ignite.
      • The Mass Murderer is capable of visiting a player's house and committing a "killing spree" there -- killing anyone who either visited the player that night and / or the player himself if he did not leave his house to take a night action. This mechanic can result in a large number of players dying if multiple players targeted the same player that the Mass Murderer also visited.
      • The Serial Killer is Mafia's traditional Neutral Killing role, found even in very traditional Mafia setups. He can attack one player per night, which will kill that player.

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