Neutral Benign roles are arguably some of the game's most interesting given their diverse goals which are neither tied to the success of the Town nor the Mafia / Triad. This makes Neutral Benigns the ultimate free agents of Mafia -- they may end up helping the Town, the Mafia / Triad, another Neutral such as a Neutral Killing or Neutral Evil role, or seek out their own path entirely. There are currently four Neutral Benign roles in the game of Mafia -- Amnesiac, Executioner, Jester, and Survivor, each of which has unique goals:

  1. Amnesiac. The Amnesiac is the ultimate wild card of Mafia -- someone who has forgotten his memory and does not know what his role is. He has the ability to remember that his role is the same as anyone's in the graveyard, which gives him a ton of latitude on how to approach the game. Amnesiacs can bolster the Town by replacing an important decreased role such as Sheriff or Doctor. Alternatively, they can decide to provide reinforcements to the Mafia / Triad or another Neutral role depending on who is more likely to win the game. Finally, an Amnesiac will win the game if he survives until the end, though this is not recommended given the Amnesiac has no way of protecting himself at night.
  2. Executioner. An Executioner's goal is deceptively simple -- get a certain player (randomly picked at the beginning of the game) lynched (as opposed to killed at night). Depending on the host's settings, the Executioner's "target" may always be Town or could be of any alignment. However, the role is capable of creating much chaos en route to its objective, including, but not limited to providing the Town with false leads / doing anything he can to get his target lynched. An Executioner who has failed his objective will typically go insane, turning into a Jester, which only compounds the potential disruption to the Town's efforts.
  3. Jester. Jesters are perhaps the role in Mafia with the largely variety of playstyle. A Jester's goal is simple as well -- get lynched by the Town (as opposed to killed at night). Moreover, if the Jester is successfully able to be lynched, one of the guilty voters against him will commit suicide the next night out of guilt. While the Jester's goal might sound simple, Town players are usually aware of the possibility of a Jester so any player who is acting excessively erratic or who asks to be lynched will likely be branded a Jester and not lynched (because no one wants to die at the hands of a Jester). Therefore, Jesters have to strike a careful balance in terms of arousing some suspicion to get themselves lynched, but avoiding too strong of behavior which might make the Town wary of lynching them.
  4. Survivor. A Survivor is a loner isolated from society who has no interest in the struggle between the Town and Mafia / Triad. Accordingly, he does not care who wins the game, so long he is not lynched or killed during the struggle. This goal is not as easy as it seems given the amount of lynching and killing which takes place during a Mafia game. Therefore, Survivors receive a certain number of bulletproof vests (dependent on host settings, but usually four) which will make them invulnerable to attack for the night. Nevertheless, a Survivor still must navigate the day successfully without being lynched and this often requires gaining the trust of either the Town or the Mafia. Because a Survivor does not care who wins, he may shift his allegiance between different factions as desired or needed in order to stay alive. This makes many Town players wary of the Survivor who may double-cross them in order to avoid being killed by the Mafia / Triad and ensure his win.

For more detailed information on each of these roles, including but not limited to strategies for playing the role and host setup options, please visit the page dedicated to the specific role in question.

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