Affiliation Mafia
Summary One of the many Caporegime the Don employs, this shady individual gathers information for the Mafia.
Goal Kill off the Town and everyone else who would oppose you.
Has Night Ability? Yes
Abilities See who one person visits and is visited by each night
Categories Mafia Support
Investigation Results
Sheriff Mafia
Investigator Trespassing.


The Agent is one of the two investigative roles of the Mafia (The other being the Consigliere). He tracks one person at night and will get both the Detective and Lookout responses for the person, seeing who visited and who this person visited that night.


  • Although you are able to claim both Lookout and Detective because you can provide information for each, there are pros and cons of claiming each.
    • Claiming Detective clears you of any Investigator who might check your claim.
    • Claiming Lookout allows you to give more information to the Town (true or untrue), allowing you to give more leads at once, making the Town trust you more because you have told them more.
    • If night between shadowing is on, it's best advise to watch the following day chat and try to fake a clue.


  • Becomes Mafioso if alone - (Default = On)
  • 1 night between shadowings - (Default = On)
  • 2 nights between shadowings - (Default = Off)

If both of the night(s) between shadowings options are unchecked, the Agent will be able to perform his ability every night.


Need Confirmation
Some or all of the information in this section requires confirmation.

  • The Agent will never leave his home as far as Detective and Lookout checks go.
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